Friday, May 11, 2012

Prompt: Barbarian Huntress

Story Summary: Long ago on the mass continent of Urutra, Mee-Ni lived as one of the barbarian huntress’ in the tribe of Bay-Non.  It is very rare for a female to have such a role, but because of her strong personality, she does not have to tend to the children like the other women do.  Then one, fateful day, Mee-Ni overhears a mutinous plot to assassinate her father, the village elder.  However, no one in Bay-Non believes her and, on the night of her birthday, her father is murdered in their hut.  A huge uproar follows of who should be the village's leader, civil war sparks, and it is now up to Mee-Ni to restore the title of “elder” to its rightful heir – herself.

Very devoted to her tribe and family, tactical, spiritually strong and respectful towards death

She can be too prideful of her role and intolerant to others’ points of views.  Being a woman is also a disadvantage in her culture.

Style: Pin Up Girl (Artists: Gil Elvgren, Liang Yue/Feng Zhu, George Cami, George Kamitani)
Setting: 15th century in the tribe of Bay-non. Looks like a mix of Britannia during the time of the Roman Empire (Pre-conquering into the Roman Province of Britannia) and of the native tribes of Thailand (E.g. Pa' Dang) with a splash of Voodoo influence.
Good/Evil: Neither, more of a lawful neutral. (E.g. Defends the people of her village, but slaughters trespassers that wander into her domain.)
Gender: Female
Category: Human
Name/Age: Mee-Ni / 19 years old
Archetype: Noble Savage
Occupation: Huntress/Fisherman
Personality: Incredibly strong individual in the emotional and intellectual sense. It is because of this strength that her village allows her to be a huntress instead of tending to the children in the village like the other women. She has a strong sense of “fairness” and she uses her skills to justify her own self-imposed form of justice on those that she deems guilty. Keywords to think of: Just, Egotistical, Righteous, Condemning, Arrogant, etc.
Likes: Flowing water, the slight rustle of leaves when a breeze blows by, Watching the fish in the stream near her village, lemons, animal hides, The feeling of dirt between her toes, Birds of Paradise, food, death (i.e. She has a strong fascination with death), Ornaments in her hair, her cat Samson.
Dislikes: Bugs in her hair, babies, authority, people who call her arrogant or egotistical, when her boobs get in the way of her shooting an arrow, fire, strangers.
Feelings: Righteous, Proud, etc. (Slightly delusional)
Size: Curvy - Has a bit of muscle due to the nature of her day-to-day life, however she is still relatively light framed.
Attire: Little to none, but wears an extravagant headdress.
Props/Weapons: Pole arm, but can also carry various weapons depending on the job at hand.

Story premise credited to Zach Nienhuser


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