Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gambler

Story Summary:  Growing up on a Las Vegas-esque space colony, Zero spends much of his time as an under-the-table defense attorney for the Slaughtered Rabbits, a street gang whom both him and his older brother are members.  When his brother gets killed by the Mountain Master (the leader of the rival gang, The 14k Triads) for having an affair with his daughter, Zero decides to finally shed this life of crime for a civilian one.  However, a gang war soon erupts, and Zero is now conflicted whether to use this opportunity to truly move on or succumb to vengeance.

Genre: Drama/Film Noir.  Science Fiction and Crime
Style: Like Jamie Hewlett (The Gorillaz)
Setting: The future, but it is filled with anachronisms or things that are both futuristic and still modern of the 21st century (e.g. a laser beam heating up system in a microwave)
Good/Evil: Antihero
Gender: Male
Category: Human
Name/Age: Zero - Mid 20's
Archetype: The Gambler
Occupation: An Attorney for Organized Crime
Personality: Generally friendly and good at pretending
Likes/Dislikes: He likes the rain and hates grey and yellow snow. Also he likes playing card games. Never play him in speed.
Feelings: Hates organized crime, yet doesn't know how to live life in normal society.  Zero is quite resentful of his brother for being stupid, but still respects him.
Size: Medium height (about 5’5”)
Attire: Something casual, yet fancy like a 1920's gangster outfit. Has a gold dollar on a chain that he holds in his hand every time he holds his gun, in memory of his stupid brother.
Props/Weapons: A desert eagle that he just recently took from a dead guy. Always has a pocket knife on him and a deck of cards. 

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  1. awesome work! just one question.... how can i get involved?