Friday, April 27, 2012

Narrative Character Prompt: Light Bringer

Story summary:  Set in a reality where mankind has been coexisting with fantastic hybrid creatures for centuries, several French towns have been living in poverty after the great European war.  Electricity is only available to the wealthy, but friendly creatures who have the ability to produce light help aid these poorer towns by lighting up their dark foggy streets at night.

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Steampunk
Style: Studio Ghibli
Setting:  Dark foggy streets of a French town in poverty set 80 years from now
Good/Evil:  Good
Gender: Genderless
Category: giraffe/crane/light post hybrid
Name/Age: n/a but these creatures are older looking
Archetype: Ancient/Wise
Occupation: Light the streets
Personality: Friendly
Likes/Dislikes:  Intellectuality/Their advice not being taken (ignorance)
Feelings: Condescending
Size:  Tall/Elegant
Attire:  None
Props/Weapons: None

Rebekah Jin

Stephy Kinney
Sarah Jane Kinney

Zach Zienhuser

Jessica Parker

Kyle Lopez
Carol Torres
Jacky Pascal

Drea Pulley

Bruno Diaz

Dennis Gleason
Anna Prado

Michelle Yi

Seth Garnes
Amy Mai
Aidan Gutierrez

JoAnn Kang

Story premise credited to Carol Torres

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