Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist has the desire to be not excellent, but perfect.  Her standards are extremely high, and failure to meet those standards causes great stress.  Many believe that they will be valued only if they are perfect.  They experience a sense of pressure coupled with hopelessness and helplessness: "The better I do, the better I am expected to do."


  • Demanding; has exceptionally high standards
  • Driven to succeed and avoid failure
  • Very vulnerable to criticism
  • Hard worker; tries to avoid criticism and defects
  • Unable to turn to others for help
  • Susceptible to intense self-scrutiny and self-doubt
  • Constantly attempts to prove herself
  • Wants others to meet her standards of perfection
  • Believes she must meet the high standards of others to be acceptable
  • Advertises her own perfection
  • Avoids situations in which she might appear imperfect
  • Self-criticism --> depression
  • High standards --> intense faultfinding of others
  • Fear of imperfection --> lying

Some Perfectionists are born, others are made.  Winning love through excellent grades, beauty, or performance can drive the Perfectionist in childhood.  By adulthood, the Perfectionist drives herself.  This type is attractive because of their energy, ambition, and talent, but they get dark and angry when faced with disappointments.  Perfectionists are found in all careers and are great workers - if they can ever complete their "imperfect" projects.

Taylor Mitchell
Edwin Lara

Carol Patton

Robert Parker

Dan Polito
Carol Torres Gonzalez

Kyle Lopez
Jazz Marie-Antoinette Fernandez

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