Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Hyper

The Hyper's life is active, but not always with direction.  There is movement, but it can occur without progress.


  • Overractive in thought in thought and behavior
  • Grandiose; self-centered
  • Careless; changeable
  • Easily excitable with unstable moods
  • Thrill-seeking

  • Is outgoing
  • Is active; energetic
  • Becomes poor company because of self-centeredness and overactivity

  • Excitement --> outbursts of euphoria
  • Moodiness --> explosive anger

Hyper people are easily picked out of a group.  As children, they are the ones who are running and jumping, knocking kids over, and breaking knickknacks;  sometimes they have explosive tempers.  As adults, they can create lives that allow for a high level of activity and motion that satisfies them.  They are not the kind of friend or partner who can easily share emotions.  Careers that allow for activity, change, and motion (outdoor recreation, construction) work better than still, intellectual pursuits.

JoAnn Kang

Edwin Lara
Emily Spearman

Kalen Whitfield
Kyle Lopez
Jacky Pascal
Bruno Diaz 

Carol Patton
Gabriella Ray 
Zaq Schlanger
Aidan Gutierrez
Dan Polito

Rebecca Lopez
The Kao 

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