Saturday, January 14, 2012


1-hour character-design challenge a few friends and I did based on a character archetype and its associated traits.  Not everyone's is posted yet, but I will update as soon as I get them!

Character Archetype:  The Eccentric

  • Self Absorbed, forgetful, impractical
  • Better with abstract ideas than real situations and people
  • Engaged in internal dialogue
  • "Lone wolf": works well alone; frustrates others
  • Usually absorbed in the pursuit of some talent, gift, or skill
  • Distorts and misreads the behavior of others: socially inept
  • Can be interesting to others
  • Picks up and drops conversations at odd points
  • Remains out of touch with trends and conventions
  • Is uninterested in others in any practical way - and it shows
  • Does not intend to harm others, but is oblivious to social cues
  • Demonstrates strange and unusual behanviors

Kalen Whitfield

Kyle Lopez

The Kao
Dan Polito

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